Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jesse Jane Free Film Clips


all say that the music of Americans OK GO, being good, is bland, colorless, dull, worthless.

Maybe they're right, but what is clear is that they are the kings of the video clip, a boom in Youtube sometimes with few resources, but with many, many ideas.

Your videos than a single sequence together into one, more video ideas all together to many bands. Visits include the net of a million and choreographic fame reaches the spoof ...

For example, this video in one take too, managed to attempt 60, with 30 engineers, physicists and two days of filming uff. When something went wrong, take 1 hour to put everything back in place. The song that you? Je Nah, it's not important ...

This according to the singer arrived in good shape to take 124! It is understood when viewed by the actors, knowing that a top is that it is nearly impossible to film children and animals (The theme is well done! Or at least I like it more than they do in general) ...

This tired of just seeing it, have stayed in the park ha ... It is said that there were 8 days of fighting with the band, extras and a goose! The dress reminds me a Parchis grown or if we get ill, about underdevelopment Power Rangers ...

His great claim to fame is the video of gym treadmills, uan \u200b\u200bsimple idea but difficult to perform. Do not put it here because there is no person who has not seen more than 15 million hits on YouTube, a record unsurpassed.

A video that I can see a thousand times and not get tired. The song helps in this case, it seems very good, accomplished within its style indie, pop and rock mixed in equal parts.

The Ok Go, a rare case of musical fame ... extra musical.


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